Media Art Content License‘Morando’ by a’strict

‘Morando’ by a’strict
OCT. 2021

a'strict, d'strict's media artist unit, presented 'Morando'(2021) at the 'LUX: New Wave of Contemporary Art' at 180 The Strand, London, in October 2021.

'Morando'(2021) is a two-channel video installation depicting the endlessly blooming peony flowers to illustrate the cycle of life: birth and living, death and resurrection. a'strict was inspired by the narrative and beauty of Moran-do paintings, which were widely beloved during the Joseon Dynasty as a symbol of wealth and prosperity, and utilized modern technology to reinterpret the now-defunct traditional painting.

The peony in the two transparent OLED monitors facing each other in a dark space morphs into various shapes depending on the position and eyes of the audience. The flowers overlap and transform into a colorful and abundant flower, exuding elegance. Embodying the movement of radiant peonies, 'Morando' is a homage to all the artists of the past and a tribute to a life that is sure to bloom again even if it is temporarily lost.