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Public Media Art 'OCEAN'
OCT. 2022

d'strict is pleased to announce our participation in the special exhibition 'Current Unsettled' at the War Memorial of Korea, featuring our public media artwork 'OCEAN'. This exhibition commemorates the 430th anniversary of the Imjin War and marks the first showcase of 'OCEAN' in Korea.

The vast ocean is filled with enormous black waves that seem to threaten to swallow everything, and the ship is at risk of being crashed upon by them. The dark and tumultuous sky foreshadows an approaching storm, and the inside of the vessel is already in chaos. Through the window, huge waves resembling mountains loom closer every second. The crashing waves, as if they might spill out of the screen at any moment, amplify the fear of the sea.

The vivid 3D animation of the rough sea, paired with the historical relic of the Joseon Dynasty, transports us back to the tragedy that struck Joseon 430 years ago. From 1592 to 1598, Admiral Yi Sun-shin and the Turtle Ship of the Joseon Navy fought against enemy ships and tried to defend the seas of Joseon for about seven years. Through 'OCEAN', the tragic and difficult situation of the time is vividly reenacted, as if the fierce battle of the Turtle Ship against the sea is unfolding right in front of our eyes. The combination of the Turtle Ship display with media art creates a highly immersive experience, vividly reproducing the most tragic yet touching moments and drawing the viewer into the depths of history.

d'strict will continue to create engaging and immersive art content for use in various public media.