Media Art Content LicensePublic Media Art “FLOW” Full Performance | Outernet London

Public Media Art “FLOW” Full Performance | Outernet London
FEB. 2024

Outernet London, the immersive entertainment district housing the most advanced screens in the world, is currently the UK's No.1 tourist attraction. In particular, the massive screens of the Now Building transcending the physical limits of space offers an expanded realm of imagination and unveils the unprecedented surreal mega-performance "FLOW" presented by d’strict.

Built for everyone from art lovers to theatergoers, dance enthusiasts to tech buffs, tourists to commuters, "FLOW" is a large-scale media performance that brings and translates the full history of Western art into dance.
From the idealistic rules of the Renaissance, the grand and splendid Baroque, the extravagant and authentic Rococo, the solemnity of Neoclassicism, and the dynamic imagination of Romanticism to the accurate state depiction of Realism and the inner personality-revealing Impressionism and beyond, discovering how the content pursued by each art movement has evolved is an extremely fascinating and valuable subject. Exploring how external factors have led to changes in the context pursued by each art due to external factors and imagining what individuals have contemplated within that context can lead to many reflections on life.

Moreover, "FLOW" tells a story about the relationship between ‘the world and oneself.’
As the ‘flow' progresses, the world where our ‘giant’ once stood gradually fades away, replaced by their inner worlds. Our ‘giant’ continues to advance endlessly, questioning the relationship between the world and oneself. We hope this performance serves as a starting point that raises fundamental questions about human pursuits and increases interest in art history rather than merely presenting a self-contained narrative.

d’strict will continuously publish various sensuous art contents in the form of public media art.