AUG. 2019

One & only in Lotte World, mysterious and full of wonders, "MAGIC CIRCLE" Lorry and Lotty ring the giant bell, opening an amazing new magic world.

d'strict has introduced Lotte world's "MAGIC CIRCLE", a high-resolution three-dimensional circle shaped contents, this attraction is to commemorate 30th anniversary of Lotte World Adventure, keeping the original shape of Roller Coaster Giant roof as it is, adding 12.5m sized circle shaped LED screen.

In addition to the design that has kept the originality of theme park by not destroying the roller coaster ride structure, Lotte World's symbolic character Lotty and Lorry are illustrated in illusion-art technic, making the audience feel they are real, provide joyful experience by seeing, by giving information you need in making wonderful memory in Lotte World Adventure. "MAGIC CIRCLE" is a reborn of symbolic structure, giant LED, in Lotte World Adventure.

d'strict has done and will continuously develop products embracing the sense of digital interaction for world-class theme park clients. Taking advantage of various types of public media, we will provide new experience for you in theme park through upcoming projects.