Brand eXperienceCAFÉ.BOT

AUG. 2019

d'strict has opened a newly conceptualized, center of new culture, a place called "café.bot" in collaboration with T-Robotics, a company specialized in robotics automation.

café.bot is reborn from an old factory in the heart of Seongsu-dong, known as Brooklyn in Korea. This specially designed place let people know that the right side of the factory is still kept as it has been, while its left side has the ability to reflect what’s environment, drawing the true Seongsu-dong as it changes. Service design is not only touching the robotics-automation system, but mainly focuses on improving service-quality through cooperation between human and robots, showing a new way of cooperation taking advantage of strengths in each. Also our design is to give a sense of a warm-hearted cultural place through media and new materials, overcoming stereotypes of what has been recognized in robot-related cafes such as cost-saving, mere watching. Inner place is designed with media art, a place for new culture and retail providing variable options for exhibitions, events, arts gathering.

café.bot's friendly three robot crews; "drip-bot", "dessert-bot" and "drink-bot" let you enjoy your time in the café by watching them making drinks and desserts while keeping the quality of tasty foods, a special moment of your F&B experience. "drip-bot" has ability to control stages such as a pattern of drip, flow and brewing and it is programed to provide coffee in best possible way that Barista would do after many trials and failures.
USA’s one of Top-3 specialty coffees, Intelligentsia beans are our base coffee beans, providing same quality flavor over time. "dessert-bot" has ability to draw or write a message you want on the cake, you may enjoy your time watching the bot while waiting for a delicious desserts. "drink-bot" has ability to make a drink with well-trained sharking skill that you could taste from an veteran bartender. Shaking performance is part of the joy prepared for you.

d'strict will continuously develop places integrating media and technology where you could have new retail experience. With T-Robotics, café.bot will be expanded, adding a bit of art in "Food-Tech" business.