Brand eXperiencePOSCO PARK1538

APR, 2021

d'strict has created an immersive media artwork for POSCO's Park1538 and is on view at the Chronicles of Steel Hall, an 11-meter-high 360-degree-panoramic space. Channeling the theme of "Steel, the Flower of Civilization Bloomed by Water, Fire, Wind, and Soil," this mesmerizing piece with real-time interaction technology greets the visitors as they enter.

This work presents the culture of steel built by the harmony of nature and humanity, and a world of infinite possibilities cultivated by the robust imagination of POSCO. With surreal graphics and storytelling, d'strict has made it possible for culture and advanced technology to breathe together while conveying POSCO's aspiration to create infinite possibilities from finite resources.

A signature piece of Park1538, 'Chronicles of Steel' was produced in consortium with GIANTSTEP and has won Grand Prix in the digital content category at the 2021 A.N.D.Award.

d'strict will continuously create and provide innovative offline marketing content for global companies and communities.