DEC. 2021

d'strict has created the 'Songdaemal Light Exhibition' at Gampo Port in Gyeongju, Korea. 'Songdaemal Light Exhibition' is an interactive exhibition for heritage art organized in the renovated lighthouse. An automated lighthouse-once used to be a manned lighthouse-is turned into a meaningful space to deliver marine culture and regional history from a modern perspective. An automatic lighthouse allows 4092sqft of idle space to recreate the digital art exhibition space.

The exhibition consists of immersive media art and participatory content by combining the history of Gyeongju, Silla's millennium capital, including Songdaemal Lighthouse, and local cultural heritages such as the Gampo Port, the sea near the port, and Gamgeunsa Temple with the lighthouse's attributes. The five zones and thirteen contents effectively show the millennium past, present, and future millennia of Gyeongju and Gampo through storytelling under the concept of 'Thousand Years of Light.'

d'strict will continuously provide innovative spatial experiences through digital design techniques and content creations to the global community, corporates, and people.