JAN. 2022

d'strict participated in 'Gwanghwa Won', one of the Gwanghwa Sidae(AGE OF LIGHT) projects, creating a large-scale immersive content experience space in the Gwanghwamun area under the theme of 'Immersive World Encountered with Light'.

'Gwanghwa Won' is an immersive media art exhibition venue located at Seoul Metro Museum of Art, Gyeongbokgung Station. d'strict, in collaboration with domestic and foreign artists, presents 4 types of media art that reinterprets the connection between Gwanghwamun and 5G technology with light. It provided citizens with a time of healing and meditation in the city.

Light within these artworks can be understood as the symbol of 5G technology which connects people with nature and cities around the world. The four artworks of 'Gwanghwa Won' express the light under the theme of 'connection, healing, emtpying', providing people with the experience of purification and healing of mind.

In particular, the real-time interaction technology applied in the wisteria garden, which encompasses the vitality of endless blooming and dying cycle of flower, provides a mysterious experience as if the light of eternal life is generated by the trajectory of the audiences.

d'strict will continuously create and provide innovative spatial experience design services to various global companies and communities with our digital media technology and content production prowess.