Guest eXperienceMedia Art wall of Lotte Dongtan 'Shapes of Life'

Media Art wall of Lotte Dongtan 'Shapes of Life'
FEB. 2022

d'strict created media art for the new Dongtan branch of Lotte Department Store. Based on the theme "Shapes of Life," the five pieces of artwork use nature to visually represent the diversity of life experiences.

The top screen of the pavilion located in the inner courtyard provides a unique perspective on the waves from above. On the ground floor, the pavilion displays a dynamic waterfall that energizes the space. The media wall and pillars in the lobby showcase colorful and surreal representations of each season, enhancing the store's ambiance as a destination for an exciting and romantic stroll.

This project showcases how digital media can positively impact the mood of interior spaces, as more interior design elements become digitized.

d'strict will continue to innovate in offline marketing by providing exceptional digital media technology-based content production services to its clients.