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“DAWN OF ETERNAL SPIRITS” is the largest artist collaboration on Async to date, brought to us by NFT collective The Guild and d’strict’s crypto artist unit ARTE META. The Blueprints collection comprises 1337 unique Async Editions and has united more than 50 artists who worked on 10 Layers, with each artist given a jigsaw-like piece to work on. The final Blueprint had the potential to produce a staggering amount of 251,596,800 possible artworks and demonstrates the limitless potential of generative art.

The “DAWN OF ETERNAL SPIRITS” Editions will be available to mint via Async from May 17, 2022.

A little bit of background

Indeed this was a collaboration of artists but this was only made possible by partnerships between leading agencies and art collectives.

Numomo is a global creative NFT agency that works to connect Asian, and particularly Korean, artists with the global crypto art community. It was Numomo’s co-founder Scott whose idea sparked the evolution of the “DAWN OF ETERNAL SPIRITS” collaboration.

d’strict is South Korea’s top digital design company that pushes the boundaries on digital content creation by converging various technologies and creative capabilities. It’s well-known for its public simulated wave artwork, “WAVE” which went viral in 2020. They’re also the team behind ARTE MUSEUM, an offline, immersive art exhibition space in South Korea.

ARTE META is an internal creative division of d’strict, specially formed to explore crypto art and NFTs. ARTE META collaborated with The Guild to create “DAWN OF ETERNAL SPIRITS”.

The Guild is a self-funded and artist-led global collective of artists. It works with OG crypto artists and those just breaking into the space to bring large-scale artist collaborations to the NFT world. Other Async collaborative pieces from The Guild include “Cyber Watch” and “Mariupol”.

On the Collaboration

A conversation between Numomo’s Scott and Async artist Rutger van der Tas led Scott to learn about d’strict and how an alliance could help Numomo’s mission to educate and onboard the next million Korean NFT users.

Once connected, Numomo and d’strict saw “an opportunity to embark on an epic journey bridging crypto art and mainstream,” Numomo told us. The Guild, which has worked on multiple Async pieces previously, joined the partnership, and everyone set to work planning, what Numomo described as, “the most ambitious Async Blueprints collaboration to date”.

The Guild: “‘What would the canvas look like?’ and ‘what were the final expectations?’ were just a few of the questions that needed to be discussed. Ultimately, d’strict provided us the canvas to work with and we further split the canvas up into different sections and randomly assigned those to participating artists.”

ARTE META: “This was a collaboration among experts in so many different fields, so we were conscious that we had to be very respectful of each other's strengths and expertise.”

On the Art

The inspiration for “‘DAWN OF ETERNAL SPIRITS’ came from an idea about a mystical spirit of the land that lives in ARTE META's FOREST,” ARTE META told us. “We first imagined the spirit in the shape of a deer that does not exist in reality.”

Working with artists brought in by The Guild and ARTE META, “we envisaged a collage of distinctive artistry that would elevate this Spirit into something unexpected and unique, which is exactly what happened,” ARTE META added.

The ‘ETERNAL’ element derives from the seemingly endless possible Editions the Async Blueprints template enabled ARTE META and The Guild to create. “It also reflects the endless and eternal possibilities of the artists and the people who come across this project,” explained ARTE META.

The Legendary Editions hidden in this Blueprints project reflect the collaborative spirit of the two artist collectives. These rare pieces evoke “The Five Elements of the East”, a theory from Eastern philosophy that explains “the elements of change that make up all things in life. It compresses them into five types to describe their mutual prosperity and symbiotic coexistence with one another,” said ARTE META.

On the Artists

The Guild: “Several well-known crypto OG artists were involved in this project, each exceptional with their own unique style. It was important for us to work with artists who have shown great collaborative skills in the previous Guild releases.”

There were over 50 artists involved in total: 45 of those came from The Guild, including The Guild’s partners: MurAll, SketchStar Studio, Wallkanda Street Art, plus street artists Dave Baranes and Anthea Missy. A further five contributors came from ARTE META.

On the d’strict/ARTE META side, “the team comprised of experts in various fields, from content development to art direction, moving images, 2D/3D/XD (spatial) design, and more — many of whom are involved in the creation of the ARTE MUSEUM,” said ARTE META.

On the Process

The Guild: “d’strict provided the theme then our core team assigned each artist a piece of the canvas (like a puzzle piece) at random. Each artist was given the freedom to interpret their part as they saw fit — this is the beauty of crypto art collaboration, after all.”

ARTE META: “Our next steps for “DAWN OF ETERNAL SPIRITS” are pretty simple. The most important thing is to have sincere conversations about the project and let those who love crypto art know about it”. Watch out for Twitter Spaces, AMAs, and artist spotlights.

On the Async Tools

ARTE META: “Using Async Canvas was so creatively refreshing. It provides an element of unexpectedness, which we think is such a unique and distinctive quality of digital art. We believe its usability will make Async Canvas a tool to watch in the web3 era.”

Upcoming projects by ARTE META + The Guild

ARTE META: “We are currently working to make ARTE MUSEUM, offline immersive art exhibition spaces, available in many other countries, and are focussed on conveying positive messages and experiences to people. We are going to make sure that more people get to experience what ARTE META can bring to the table through this exciting global expansion.”

And for The Guild? All we can say is: stay tuned ;)

Twitter: @theguild_nft | Instagram: @the.guild.nft | Website: theguildnft.com
Twitter: @artmeta_ | Instagram: @artemeta_ | Website: artemeta.art
Twitter: @numomoart | Instagram: @numomoart | Website: numomo.com
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