Korean immersive art exhibition to be held in HK

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The ARTE MUSEUM exhibition's "Beach Aurora" / Courtesy of d'strict

By Park Ji-won

HONG KONG ― D'strict, one of Korea's leading commercial design companies famous for its site-specific media art installations, will present its first overseas exhibition in Hong Kong on Oct. 7.

Dubbed "ARTE M," a curated exhibition of its flagship "ARTE MUSEUM" exhibition, six of the company's works themed with "eternal nature" will occupy an 850-square-meter space at K11 HACC, a shopping complex and art hall, aiming to show a balance with the immersive visuals as well as sensuous and ambient sounds.

The curated exhibition consists of four spaces, displaying art reinterpreting the elements and spaces of nature. It shows the life of flowers, endlessly crashing swells, boundlessly stretching seashore and a jungle in a tropical rain forest.

"The realistic representation of the eternity of nature and its graphic depiction through the convergence of visual creativity and digital media technology, including projection mapping and sensor-based interaction, allow audiences to experience nature without limits of time and space," d'strict's press release reads. It continues that the collection of works is intended to facilitate an intuitive understanding of nature and appreciation of the exhibition in visitors of all ages.

The exhibition comes in advance of its upcoming exhibition at 11 SKIES, a shopping and art complex which will be opened on a 353,031-square-meter site in early 2024, according to a d'strict official. The exhibition will be moved to a 2,605-square-meter space at the multi-purpose site upon its opening and will be renamed "ARTE MUSEUM."

Stressing that the exhibition has been inspired by each city where it has been presented, Song Jeong, a representative of d'strict, said "Visitors may be able to see original artworks inspired by the nature of Hong Kong in the upcoming exhibition (planned for 2024)."

The exhibition is currently on display in three different cities of Korea. The first exhibition was opened in Jeju in 2020 followed by Yeosu and Gangneung in 2021. The accumulated number of visitors at the three locations is 3.2 million, according to the company. It is also planning to open exhibitions in Chengdu, Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles.

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