d’strict projects an endless simulated wave on massive LED screens in south korea


the gangnam-gu area in seoul is the korean version of times square and it’s the country’s first free display outdoor advertisement zone. here, mega-size LED screen displays have been installed on the walls of large buildings which create an electronic display for 18 hours a day. one of the most notorious of these buildings is the COEX artium, also known as the mecca of K-pop. featuring an electronic display measuring 80 meters in width and 23 meters in height, this massive screen wraps the building and showcases korean wave contents, those related to south korean culture gaining global popularity since the 1990s. for this screen, local based d’strict has created an anamorphic illusion projection properly titled wave.

screenshots taken from the above video by d’strict

dating back to the renaissance, an anamorphic illusion or anamorphosis is a distorted projection that reveals itself once you occupy a specific vantage point. d’strict used this principle to create the wave, an actual wave that is projected on the gigantic screens, crashing into the glass, making passersby feel as if the wave would literally engulf them. the simple gesture results in a powerful experiential project that integrates virtual contents and digital technology into our built environment.

definitely not for the faint of heart, this wave is impressive both in its technicalities as in its impact. from the video, it seems as if the water’s force is about to break the glass and flood the somewhat empty streets, which by the way are empty because of the COVID-19 pandemic. mesmerizing as it is, the installation is completed with an audio that generates an involving experience.

project info:

name: wave
designers: d’strict
location: COEX artium
city: seoul, south korea

juliana neira, designboom

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